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5. How to Successfully Collect High Quality Radar Data

Successful radar data collection requires an understanding of collection planning and collection modes. As part of collection planning, users need to consider the terrain and other details of the operating environment. Also, they need to determine which radar sensor capabilities are best suited for their mission, and which data collection modes will be most useful. With this understanding, they can plan the collection, also taking into account how the collection flight will need to be executed by the aircraft pilots. Mission management software, like IMSAR’s Lisa 3D, can make it easier to plan flights. Additionally, the radar can be commanded to collect data over a designated area without a predetermined flight plan, as long as the area is within the radar’s field of view – this is known as autocollection.

Collection Planning

To develop a successful collection plan, mission specialists need to perform a terrain and mission analysis, have a basic understanding of radar geometry, and know the capabilities and limitations of their platforms and their radar systems. 


Collection Modes

Possible collection modes include stripmap, spotlight, and sector scan. Each mode has a particular set of advantages, so mission specialists need to understand how to match a mode with the type of data they need.


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Updated Nov. 2nd, 2021