Considered a high-risk supplier of non-standard items (items that are custom-built to IMSAR’s specification). This level includes providers of special processes, calibration labs, and other services (determined by the Materials Manager) that require elevated control.


As a supplier to IMSAR LLC, you agree to comply with the additional terms and conditions listed below with respect to any product, process, or service provided to IMSAR LLC. These requirements are superseded or amended only by specific requirements transmitted to the supplier at the time of purchase.

1. Quality/Inspection System

The supplier shall maintain a quality/inspection system to ensure provided products, processes, and services meet IMSAR LLC’s requirements. This includes products manufactured, processes performed by, and services provided by the supplier, and those procured by sub-tier suppliers.

2. Calibration or Verification

All measurement and test equipment used by the supplier for inspections (final or in-process) shall be periodically calibrated or verified against NIST-traceable measurement standards.

3. Workmanship Quality

Manufactured product shall be free from burrs and sharp edges.

4. Control of Drawings & Specifications

The supplier shall ensure that the drawings and specification are the latest revision provided by IMSAR LLC, unless otherwise stated on the purchase order. The supplier shall comply with any special requirements requested by IMSAR LLC regarding the control of drawings and specifications for ITAR compliance.

5. Limited Shelf Life Items

Materials with a limited shelf life shall identify a date of manufacture and an expiration date. IMSAR LLC will not accept limited shelf-life items that expire within 6 months of receipt.

6. Material Substitution

Unauthorized material substitutions are not permitted without IMSAR LLC’s written consent.

7. Reporting Discrepancies

Discrepancies, omissions, and the need for clarifications or interpretations of any nature encountered by the supplier with respect to furnished drawings or engineering data shall be brought to the attention of IMSAR LLC for resolution.

8. Changes Affecting Quality

The supplier shall inform IMSAR LLC of any changes to its processes, facility, equipment, sub-tier suppliers, etc., that could affect the quality of product provided to, processes performed for, or services provided to IMSAR LLC.

9. Right of Access

IMSAR LLC, its customers, and appropriate regulatory authorities, shall be provided access to applicable areas of facilities and documentation at any level of the supply chain to perform verification and validation activity when necessary.

10. Counterfeit Parts Prevention

The supplier shall ensure that products provided to IMSAR LLC are authentic and that products contain no counterfeit parts or materials.

11. Foreign Object Debris/Damage

The supplier shall ensure that materials used in products provided to IMSAR LLC do not contain Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD).

12. Record Retention

If IMSAR LLC requires inspections, testing, and process controls, records of these shall be retained and remain available to IMSAR LLC for not less than 7 years.

13. Supplier Corrective Actions

The supplier shall respond to corrective action requests and provide evidence, when requested, of actions taken to correct nonconformity identified by IMSAR LLC or its customers.

14. Nonconforming Products, Processes or Services

The supplier shall obtain approval from IMSAR LLC for use-as-is and repair dispositions of nonconforming products, processes and services.

15. Packaging and Handling

At minimum, the supplier shall package all material in a manner that ensures protection against corrosion, oxidation, deterioration and physical damage during shipment. In addition, when materials delivered are lot-controlled (and multiple material lots are shipped) each lot shall be identified.

16. Sub-Tier Suppliers

The supplier shall flow-down applicable requirements, transmitted to the supplier by IMSAR LLC, to sub-tier suppliers. When required, the supplier shall use customer-designated or approved sub-tier suppliers, including process sources.

17. Confidentiality

Suppliers shall hold all information received from IMSAR LLC in confidence and no third party request for information shall be authorized unless approved, in writing, by IMSAR

18. Awareness

The supplier shall ensure that appropriate personnel are aware of:

  • Their contribution to product and service conformity.
  • Their contribution to product safety.
  • The importance of ethical behavior.