IR imagery is captured by a mid-wave infrared sensor capable of detecting infrared light as thermal radiation. The detects are compiled into a map highlighting the difference between areas of high thermal radiation and low thermal radiation.

Infrared (IR) imaging detects emitted, transmitted, and reflected infrared energy and converts it into a false color image. Different energy ranges are depicted as different colors within the image. High amounts of energy are usually shown as warm colors i.e. red whereas low amounts of energy are shown as cool colors i.e. blue. The amount of infrared energy emitted is strongly dependent on the surface temperature of the objects being imaged.



Using IR and combining it with other ISR solutions allows IMSAR systems to perform multiple applications in a variety of industries. Typical uses for IMSAR’s ISR solutions can include:

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Pipeline Monitoring
  • Monitoring Mining Operations
  • Military Surveillance
  • Landslide Monitoring
  • Border Security
  • Reconnaissance Missions
  • Monitoring Construction Sites
  • Navigation


IMSAR systems that are capable of performing IR are available in a variety of configurations that are designed for easy integration onto manned or unmanned aircraft. The following configurations can be used for IR missions:

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